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The weekly column to find out whats happening.

Welcome to the whats happening column. This will be a weekly column from me Anthony "Matt Lowry" Belsher to tell you whats happening in PWSF.

First of all i would like to contratulate all of you for plainling coming to PWSF and roleplaying/promoing for us. You are doing a good job and deserve a pat on the back.

Now one of the first things i will address is PWSF becoming more structured as of late. Well with lots of hard work from me and the rest of the bookers (Chillpro, Roach, Takers Bandana) this fed is in full swing. Events have gone from once everyone know and then to every wednesday and every 4th sunday for Pay Per Views.

Speaking of PPV'S the next Pay Per View is titled No Fear, it is sure to be one hell of an event and the bookers have almost completely got all the card ready and it is up to you to promo and win your match. The event will be headlined by Takers Bandana(c) VS Stomp for the PWSF title. Other great matches at the PPV include Shadow Vs Chillpro in a cage for the IC title, Togger VS Matt Lowry with Matt's manager Christina on the line and the TLC match for the tag team titles. For the full card check back at the PPV section of the site.

Now onto another issue, the new website. For those who didnt know, a new site is being constructed for the PWSF site by me and possibly future PWSF Tag Team Champion Shizo. The site is looking awsome and hopefully will be up by the end of February.

I would just like to welcome some new members to the e-fed Fallen Angel, Justin Sane and Pegasus. We welcome you into this federation with open arms and hope you can do good things in the future. I wish good luck to all 3 of you.

The website now is going to become a more large part of the e-fed. The Roleplay/ Promo board from after the Pay Per View will be for ONLY promos/roleplays. We will be making an OOC (Out Of Character) board for all your off topic and e-fed discussions so we dont clutter up the site. The card and results will not be posted on the board they now will only be posted on the website.

As some might have noticed the roster section of this site has been TOTALLY cleared out. PWSF had ALOT of members which just didnt post any more so i cleared out the roster section and only people who put there bio on the topic on the Promo board will be added.

PWSF welcomes the sudden rush of new factions which is great, we have Damage Inc, Common Enemy, Generation X and now H8Club.
There has been rumors of a Stable title for PWSF but is only a rumor at the moment.

The Tag Team division in PWSF seems to be hotting up with a TLC match at the PPV with many worthy and deserving candidates. Who will win we dont know, come back for the PPV on Saturday.

The boards went down ONCE AGAIN recentelly, i have had an idea to put an emergency plan if this happens again, an emergancy board. We cant just have pwsf pausing everytime this happens. More on this will be said next week.

On an advertising note i suggest anyone with a brain to go to John S from the PWS boards very own board at

Remember to come back next week to see the Whats Happening, some big news will be announced about the next PPV and more.

Anthony"Matt Lowry" Belsher

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