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- Before RAW kicks off live from the Raleigh Sports Entertainment centre in North Carolina we show highlights from the PPV. Ryan Clark joining DAMAGE Inc. Takers Bandana winning the WTT and then getting the head beaten off him by Damage Inc.

Pyros go off and RAW kicks off.

JR: Welcome to RAW from the sold out Raleigh Entertainment centre here in North Carolina. Tonight we are going to have a Battle Royal to see what TWO men will be left at the end to join DAMAGE Inc. and be there representatives in the Tag Team Tournament which begins next week.

King: Oh boy am I looking forward to that but also the IC belt is on the line its gone to be Shadow V Togger.

Smooth Criminal hits and out comes the World Champion TB.

JR: Here comes the man that defied the odds and won Championship Gold.

King: Ha did you not see what happened he fluked the match.

TB gets into the ring and starts saluting to the crowd. He picks off a microphone.

TB: Well here we are RAW and I have done what I set out to do walk out in front of all my fans as the World Champion. Now I know that I may have got a beaten after the match so bad that Im not 100% fit to fight, but I think it is only fair that I put my belt on the line against anyone backstage.

The Wait by Metallica sounds out and the crowd let off some heat as Damage Inc. comes to the top of the stage.

Chillpro: Nice of you to offer an open invitation to anyone backstage but you see Ive already booked you into a match against none other than Damage Incorporates STOMP and in case that isnt how you wanted it but it will also be a LUMBERJACK match.

(TB looks astonished)

Chillpro: Now as for all the people in tonights Battle Royal I want to see some dirty tricks as we are very dirty people here in Damage Inc.

Now you TB I hear your not 100% tonight well then go get him boys.

TB waits as Damage Inc. all bounce into the ring and start doing a number on TB when all of a sudden everything goes dark.

JR: Not again whats going on this time??

King: I dont know??

Lights come back on and we see Damage Inc. all lying on the mat looking like they just got a beating and then on the Titantron is Shadow!!!

Shadow: Hey guys that is what I call a disappearing act.

King: Big mistake Shadow you will pay for that.

JR: After the break is the battle Royal.

Commercial Break

We come back and see Damage Inc. in their locker room. Looking really pi$$ed off at what has just happened.

Wolf Pac blasts through the PA system and out comes the first participant in tonights Battle Royal.

'Crawling' starts playing on the speakers and the lights dim down to a blue colour, with the skylights moving around the arena........,then the guitar breaks on the song and the lights turn red and yellow moving all around the arena, and Chico Latino comes out, looking around the whole arena with a big smile on his face, he lifts his arms and starts shakin' them and walks down to the ring, slapping some fan's hands. He enters the ring and climbs a turnbuckle and looks around, pointing to all the fans.

CONTROL by PUDDLE OF MUDD hits and out comes our only female competitor in the battle royal.

King: Hey Ragin Lita you want to sit beside me instead of fighting.

L7 by Shitlist hits and the crowd let off some heat as out comes the MOCK.

Down with the sickness by Disturbed hits and here is The Messiah.

JR: Its interesting to know that most of these athletes are making there debut here in PWSF tonight.

Hell Yea from the WWF Aggression hits and out comes and pumped looking MadDog.

Here comes the money and here comes the Hurr1cane and the crowd gives him a few cheers and some heat is let off as well.

Click Click Boom and here comes Saliva.

CKY by 96 quite bitter beings and here comes one of the bad SOBs here in PWSF its Gtkid.

The whole arena goes black as the camera spins looking directly at the entrance ramp. 2002 flashes on the Octatron and a countdown begins. LIFE IN THE FAST LANE the start of Livin It Up by Limp Bizkit blares throughout the arena as huge pyrotechnics explode on both sides of the entrance ramp. Matt Lowry accompanied by his Manager Christina Latus raises his arms up into the air and when he drops them more red pyrotechnics fire all the way down the entrance ramp and then 4 one each of the ring posts shoot up into the air.

ML: You sad people doing the dirty work for Damage Inc. well heres the good news Im gonna save all your asses from getting an ass whooping because Im not entering this match. I mean who wants to join Damage Inc. people who need people to watch their back well that isnt for me and I will see that Damage Inc. is destroyed.

ML turns around and walks backstage.

JR: I think we are ready to get this one underway one thing that I forgot to mention is that to be eliminated you have to be thrown over the top rope. And this is to see who are the next 2 members in Damage Inc, so there are a few toys around the ring.

Before this one gets underway each wrestler picks up the weapon of their choice and this one is officially underway.

The match starts off very scrappy with all the wrestlers trying to gain an initiative then out of no where Saliva hits ECO with the VAN DAMINATOR and sends him flying over the top rope.

JR: OH my god did you see that King?

King: He kicked him the whole way back to the locker room!!

There is now 8 men left in the ring and Damage Inc. look bewildered at what just happened.

Theres a lot happening in the ring when The Mock crawls under the bottom rope and hides under the ring!!

JR: Wheres he going?

King: He must have a few tricks up his sleeve.

In the ring The Hurr1cane hits MadDog with the PerfecSean. The Hurr1cane salutes to the crowd only for Ragin Lita to come off the top turnbuckle and send him over the top rope with a hell of a drop kick. Ragin Lita ducks a clothesline from Gtkid and sweeps him off his feet.

Next to go out of the match was MadDog he got the GORE from Messiah and that was him. Gtkid was the next participant out he got cracked around the head a few times with a steal chair by Chico Latino and stumbled over the top rope.

Messiah hit the GORE again this time on Chico Latino only this time Messiah got hit with a steel chair for his troubles. Ragin Lita seen a chance and hit Chico Latino with the Ragin drop and then Lita and Saliva pick up Chico and double suplex him to the outside.

(On the outside Chico and Gtkid fought each way the whole way up the ramp backstage.

Saliva gets up and throws Lita through the ropes. And then Messiah gets up and busts Saliva open with a Sledgehammer.

JR: For the love of God (as JR says this we see Damage Inc. backstage all looking very pleased with themselves).

Messiah then throws saliva over the top as Lita crawls back into the ring.

King: Wasnt she already eliminated???

JR: She went through the ropes not over the ropes.

We have our two winners of this match. RAGIN LITA and THE MESSIAH. Then out of nowhere comes The Mock he sneaks up behind Lita and pushes her over the top rope.

JR: What a no good SOB but Im sure DAMAGE Inc. will be pleased with what has happened tonight.

Winners and new members of DAMAGE INC. are THE MOCK and THE MESSIAH.

JR: What carnage that match had.

Commerical Break.

JR: Let's get to the RAW matches for tonight. We got the Hardcore title on the line, GtKid against the Commissioner and Hardcore champion, Chillpro.

King: Chillpro, part of Damage Inc. Ha, ha! And we also have the beginning of the Light heavyweight tournament the first match is Xtreme vs. the Messiah and then Da Cryptic Crusha Matt Lowery vs. The Hurr1cane

JR: Then we have the Intercontinental Championship on the line. It's Shadow vs. the current champion, Togger

JR: Let's get ready for the light-heavyweight tourney.
"Here's Comes the Money" plays and here comes the hurr1cane, looking very focused to take it to the next level.

JR: Uh-oh! The entire arena has gone black...that only means one thing... here comes Da Cryptic Crusha Matt Lowery w/ Christina Latus.

King: Here come the puppies! Yahoo!

At the beginning, both are trading punches, then hurr1cane goes for the test of strength. Scoop slam by hurr1cane. 1-2-kick out. Crusha gets up and whips him to the ropes and gives him an overhead suplex. 1-2- kick out. Hurr1cane runs to the ropes, Crusha sets up for the spear, but wait hurr1cane grabbed his head and hit the acid drop! But instead of going for the pin, he decides to show off and go to the top rope. He's going for the big elbow drop... and misses it!

King: You idiot! What a wasted opportunity!

By the time hurr1cane makes it to his feet, he got speared then taken for the ride. The Crush ends the match and hurr1cane's chances to become the first lightweight champ.
JR: Hard fought match by the kid, but Matt was just a little bit stronger tonight.


"The Metro" plays on the acoustics and Xtreme makes it down to the ring with a pipe.

JR: Hey, Xtreme, this is a Lightweight Tourney, not a hardcore match.

Xtreme takes offence and nearly takes a swing at good ol' JR, but here comes the Messiah who takes the pipe out of Xtreme's hand and nearly takes his head off! The match begins on the outside Xtreme throws Messiah to the ring post and then puts him in the ring. Xtreme goes to get a chair, but the referee takes it out of his hands. Xtreme keeps pounding on Messiah and leaves him in the corner and taunts the fans on the turnbuckle (big heat). When he gets down, he gets the X-Attack into the turnbuckle. Messiah put what's left of Xtreme on the top turnbuckle and hits a Super That's It! 1-2- kick out. Messiah whips Xtreme into another corner, but this time, the ref is caught in the corner. Hits the splash in the corner with both of them still out of it and hits the Godsmack in the middle of the ring. He has the pin, but no ref! Lets go of Xtreme and tries to get the ref up, but he turns around and meets Xtreme's little iron friend. POW!! Good thing for Messiah to get the ref up. Cover 1-2-3! Ring the bell! Here is your winner, Xtreme!


We come back and show highlights from the Lightweight tournament.

MC: Im here with Shadow (Heat from crowd) how do you feel about your IC shot tonight?

Shadow: Well Michael Im not interested in winning the IC belt tonight the only thing that concerns me apart from winning my belt back is destroying Damage Inc.

MC: On Smackdown you will fight Chillpro 1 on 1 no outside interference how do you feel.

Shadow: I feel scared! Not!! I dont think our Commish knows what to expect when he gets into the ring with me, cause I am going to make him disappear like I did tonight! Now I got a match.

JR: He seams real pumped bout this Chillpro Situation.

JR: If you just turned in, you missed one hellacious battle for the finals of the light heavyweight tourney.

King: I hope you are ready for more hellaciousness, because the next match is for the PWSF Hardcore title!

GTKid makes his way down to the ring and brings a grocery cart full of weapons. Throws the stuff in the ring and also throws the stairs into the ring.

"The Wait" plays and here comes Chillpro, the PWSF hardcore champion.

Chillpro: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to inform that if anyone comes down to the ring, they will suspended immediately...unless they come down to help me!" "Just kidding"

GTKid: Hey Chillpro, cut the crap and let's fight!

Chillpro: Hey, chill out. Let me get a bottle of water... spit into GTKid's face! The match has begun!
Chillpro takes advantage of the situation by taking the garbage can in the ring and put it over GTKid's head! Kicks him in the stomach and the hardcore commish hits a bulldog on the challenger. 1-2- kick out. Chillpro picks up the "piece of trash" and throws him outside the ring. Wait a minute, he's going to fly...

JR: Oh my God! What a commish's elbow by Chillpro!!!!

King: I guess GTKid cool off now, ha, ha!

Chillpro gets up slowly and goes for the cover, 1-2- kick out. Chillpro is furious after the kick out. He takes off the garbage can and decides to get a chair in the ring. GTKid moves to the ring post for a breather. Chillpro meets him outside and takes a swing at GTKid, misses! Commish is now favouring his right elbow, the one he used for the move. GTKid takes over by putting him in an armbar. Lets go of the armbar and now put the stop sign on Chillpro's elbow and stomps on it. GTKid suplexes Chillpro into the grocery cart and takes him to the top of the ramp. Oh no! oh no, don't do it! He did it, he threw the commissioner of the PWSF off the ramp into the electrical wires!!! Look at the sparks fly!!! He's not done yet...

JR: Oh dear God, GTKid has gone to the extreme and wait a minute, he's not done yet!! No, don't do it!!

King: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

NO! GTKid has hit the 450 splash from the top of the ramp to the floor, on the wires, on the grocery cart, and finally on the commissioner!!! Cover 1---2---3!!!!

We have a NEW PWSF Hardcore champion!!! What a match! We are going to have to show a replay of this!!!


The PWSF match of the week: from a long time ago, triple threat cage match for the IC title: Shadow (C) vs. Togger vs. Roach; {Shadow goes for the Disappearing Act, but Togger reverses it into a HYUUGE Eat this! from the top of the cage 1,2,3 new IC Champ, Togger!}

JR: King, this should be a great match between two great competitors with a huge rivalry, Shadow and Togger!

Shadow is making his way down to the ring, he wants to get something back from Togger, or as he calls him, Tigger!

"Jackass" hits and so does Togger making his way down the ring fast. A brawl starts out at the onset of the match. One minute, Togger's winning, another, Shadow's winning. Shadow pokes him in the eyes to take over in the match, kicking and punching him to the ropes and slings Togger to the turnbuckle. Big clothesline from Shadow and a pin 1-2- kick out. Goes for it again, 1-2-kick out.

Shadow has Togger in backdrop position, spinning around and around until he *atomic whips* him into the turnbuckle. Ouch! Togger is now in the tree of woe position. Shadow continues to kick Togger for four seconds and throws him off. Shadow begins to strut...and gets booed by the fans. Argues with one of them and gets put into a school boy 1-2- kick out. Shadow goes for another clothesline, Togger ducks and connects with the superkick. Cover 1-2- kick out. Togger decides that it's time for the Eat this! Goes about halfway before Shadow throws him out of the ring.

When Togger gets back up... hey wait a minute some guy just hit Togger with a pipe! Throws Togger back into the ring and kick to the stomach by Shadow and here we go! Round and round he goes.... Disappearing Act!

Cover 1 (not this way)-2 (not this way), 3 (dammit!) Here is your winner and NEW PWSF Intercontinental Champion, Shadow!

Shadow picks up a mic and says: "That's one b*tch down, one (or four) more to go..."

Commercial Break

We come back to scenes of someone hitting Togger with a pipe and Shadow claiming the IC belt.

King: Who was that??

JR: I dont know but whoever it was will have hell to pay!!

JR: Its time for tonights main event. These two superstars have already made a name for themselves in a short space of time. (Highlights of the escalating feud between these two rival superstars are shown)

King: How can Takers Bandana even think that he can win here tonight the odds is again stacked against him.

JR: He is one tuff son of a gun, and always give 100%.

WHO BETTER THAN STOMP? blasts through the PA system and here comes the challenger with the rest of DAMAGE Inc. in hand for this Lumberjack match.

Smooth Criminal hits and the crowd go nuts as Takers Bandana makes his way to the ring with various other PWSF superstars including Shadow and Matt Lowry.

TB gets into the rings and goes to all four ringposts and salutes the crowd with his newly won belt.

Bell rings and this one is officially underway.

Both men start talking trash to each other and start off by exchanging blow for blow with each other. Stomp gains the initiate early on and over powers TB with a few suplexs and then hits him with a clothesline that nearly took TBs head off.

JR: This could by it over already.

Pin attempt by Stomp 1.2. kickout buy TB just before the 3 count.

King: He should have just stayed down and got this one over with early.

Stomp throws TB to the outside and distracts the referee as Damage Inc. gives TB a hiding on the outside before throwing him back to the inside. Again Stomp gains the upper hand in what so far has been a one sided match. Stomp picks TB off the mat and sets him up for a powerbomb. Stomp picks up TB, but TB reverses it into a hurracanrana. Both men are down on the mat and try to get to their feet. Both men are up and exchange punch for punch before TB whips Stomp into the ropes.

TB goes for a clothesline but misses Stomp comes off the ropes again and hits TB with one hell of a superkick. Stomp then stick TB into the CLOVERLOCK.

JR: No weve got a new champion.

King: Tap out you has got nowhere to go now.

TB tries to crawl to the ropes but as he reaches out to try and grab the bottom rope Stomp pulls him back to the middle of the ring. TB again starts getting close to the ropes but you can see the pain in his face. TB is reaching out for the ropes, but then Shadow grabs TBs hand and puts it on the ropes. Stomp gets pissed off and so does the rest of Damage Inc. who all go after the rest of the Lumberjacks. Stomp goes to the outside as well. TB is left lying in the ring. Shadow and Chillpro really go at each other but Stomp intervenes and Chillpro hits Shadow with The Spine Chiller. Shadow goes round and picks up a steal chair and goes into the ring TB is now getting back on his feet and the referee is on the outside trying to gain some order. Chillpro clocks TB on the head with the steal chair and the blood starts pissing out of TBs head the fight moves on and we are left with Matt Lowry, Shadow V Damage Inc on the outside.

King: What a shot from our good old Commissioner.

JR: Hes a no good SOB if I ever saw one.

Stomp crawls over to TB and makes the cover.

King: we got a new Champion.

1..2Shadow pulls the ref to the outside.

TB gets up to his feet when all of a sudden someone comes into the ring.

JR: Isnt that there Shizo.

King: What the hell does he want he wasnt booked to be here tonight.

Shizo looks at Stomp who swings for him Shizo ducks under it and kicks Stomp in the mid-section picks him up and hits Stomp with a 360 powerbomb.

Shizo then crawls to the outside and helps out Matt Lowry and Shadow.

TB makes his way to the top rope and signals this one over.

TB hits Stomp with the WHIRLWIND but hurts him self and both men are lying motion less in the ring. TB makes the cover.

1.23. its over TB regains the title.

JR: What has happened here TB has done it again.

King: Thats not fair Shizo had no business here.

Shadow throws Chillpro into the ring and hits him with the Disappearing Act.

Matt Lowry then gets into the ring followed by Shizo they pick up a battered TB.

JR: Are we seeing a new faction being born with these four superstars got one aim to destroy DAMAGE INC. tune in next week to find out.

King: There will be hell to pay for this.

Show ends.

- Roach
- Takers Bandana

Battle Royal Everything goes: For the tag team spot in Damage Inc.
Chicho Latino
Ragin Lita
The Mock
The Messiah
The Hurr1cane
Da Cryptic Crusha Matt Lowery
Lightwieght Title Tourney

Xtreme vs. The Messiah
The Hurr1cane vs. Da Cryptic Crusha Matt Lowery

Lightwieght Final On Smackdown

HardCore Title Match:
GTKid vs. Chillpro

World Title Match:
Stomp vs. Takers Bandana

IC Title Match:
TheShadow vs. Togger