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occ) before i post this i'm sorry bout any1 who was here b4 the boards went down and didnt have a match on RAW dont worry we have had a few problems and some matches arent here.
Before RAW kicks off we are shown clips on the feud between Damage Inc. and Common Enemy.

Titles roll and after they finish pyros go off around the arena and the crowd goes nuts as RAW kicks off. Different signs in the crowd are shown such as EHEH and Tigger sucks and WE WANT SHADOW.

JR: Welcome to RAW we are live here from the sold out Houston Astrodome in Texas and what a night its going to be here. Weve got the Tag Team Contendership match and Hurr1cane goes 1 on 1 with Ragin Lita.

King: Dont forget Ryan Clark will be here tonight to grace us with his presence and Damage Inc will go 3 on 3 with Common enemy.

The lights dim to red, the Wolf-Pac theme tune hits, and Eco and Sharkieben appear on the entrance ramp pumping up the crowd as they run to the ring, receiving loads of cheers from the crowd.

JR: Here we go tonight in our first match and its a tag team one.

King: Youre right there JR but dont forget the winner of this one goes to the PPV to face Roach and Shizo for the PWSF Tag Team Titles!!!

The lights dim, DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS hits and Mock and Messiah stroll out to the entrance ramp

The two men stop as they reach the ring and plan while their oppositions await them eagerly in the ring. Both men run toward the ring and stop at the apron, taunting Sharkieben and Eco. Finally the two men decide theyve had enough and leap out of the ring chasing Mock and Messiah. Mock runs half way around the ring and rolls in. Sharkieben follows him closely into the ring but Mock stomps him to the floor as he tries to enter. Messiah and Eco both go to their corners. Mock picks Sharkieben and whips him into a snap-mare takedown and then into a headlock drop. He snaps back and forth with the lock, trying to get the early pin but the ref pulls Mock off.

King: What did he do that for JR!!! That was a perfectly legal headlock!

JR: Yeah right King! That was a blatant chokehold by Mock

Mock lifts Sharkieben up with one hand and pushes the ref with the other. The ref warns Mock as he tags in Messiah who goes to the top rope. Mock extends the arm of Sharkieben and Messiah thumps it with ferocity. Sharkieben goes to the mat holding his shoulder in pain. Messiah swings Sharkieben into the ropes and meets him with a sharp elbow right to the face of the big man. He continues the momentum by running off the ropes and connecting with a flip leg drop. He appeals to the crowd but they just boo him with even more ferocity than before!

King: Why do these fans disrespect such a great athlete like Messiah?

JR: Well king, we encourage our fans to say what they want and to express theyre opinions and to

King: Yeah, Yeah JR, Im sure but Ive said it once and Ill say it again; Messiah is the greatest entertainer in the business today!!!

JR: Im sure he is King. Cough

King: Shut up JR, what would you know!

Messiah whips Sharkieben into the turnbuckle and follows up with a huge clothesline, a back flip and a big splash into the corner but he misses with the big splash and his head shatters off the turnbuckle. Both men are down! The ref starts the count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7both men begin to rise and Messiah once again runs at Sharkieben in the corner. However Sharkieben runs out of the way and Messiah ends up cornered in the turnbuckle with Sharkieben pounding the hell out of him. He does a Messiah-like taunt, back-flips and connects with a huge splash. He grabs Messiah by the arm and drags him towards Eco in the corner. Eco bounces on the bottom rope in anticipation. Sharkieben motions for the tag to Eco and the crowd go wild!!! As he tags Eco in, Mock enters the ring distracting the ref. Eco swings Messiah into the ropes and connects with a super-kick and then appeal to the really pumped up crowd!!! Sharkieben goes over to Mock and punches him to the outside. The ref spins around and having no knowledge of the previous tag sends a protesting Eco to the outside. As the protests continue, Mock throws a chair to the ring. Messiah picks up the chair and nails Sharkieben in the head with it!!! He throws it to the outside! He goes for the pin but the ref is still distracted. Messiah calls to the ref and he runs and starts the count.

JR: NO! NO! NO! What a damn cheater! Not like this King! Not like this! 123 NOOO!!! Sharkieben kicked out after the two!!! What an athlete!!! He really does have heart!!!
King: He didnt hit him properly JR! He could have if he wanted to but he didnt! Now whos got the big heart!!!

Messiah looks at the ref in disbelief! He goes to Mock and looks for the tag. He tags in and goes to the top. Messiah scoop slams Sharkieben in front of the turnbuckle. Mock lands a big elbow drop right to the heart and goes for the pin. 1-2-No, Sharkieben got his leg hooked onto the rope!!! Mock swings Sharkieben into the ropes and goes for the clothesline but Sharkieben ducks it and continues runninghe bounces off the rope and leaps in the air connecting with a flying clothesline!!! Both men are down and are edging towards their respective corners Mock decides to continue on his own and turns to face Sharkieben. He runs to stop the tag but Sharkieben makes the tag to Eco and Eco runs in assaulting Mock with a spinning heel kick, he delivers one to Messiah who runs into the ring to help his partner. Sharkieben gets to his feet and takes Messiah to the outside. Eco whips Mock into the corner and takes him to the top rope and connects with a top rope fame asser. He goes for the cover but the ref is distracted by the two on the outside and doesnt count!!! Eco goes over to the ref and gets his attention but he gives Mock time to recover. He gets up and grabs something from his tights. He runs at Eco with it but Eco spins and ducks, Mock barely misses the ref and turns only to be met by a huge super-kick! He goes for his finisher: THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!!!!
Mock reaches the ropes easily but Eco drags him back to the middle and snaps the SHARPSHOOTER on again!!!!!

JR: This is it King! This is it! Mocks going to tap! Eco and Sharkieben are going to FEAR!!! But wait! Whats this!

King: Whats what JR?!

JR: The entrance ramp King! The entrance ramp!

The Roach and Shizo run to the ring and slide in with steel chairs!!! The Roach nails Eco in the back of the head!!! The ref calls for the bell but Shizo nails the referee!!! Shizo then smashes Mock against the head with the chair both Messiah and Sharkieben try to enter the ring but are scared off by the two in the ring! Sharkieben gets into the ring but is busted wide open by a hugechair shot to the head by Roach!!! The crowd are completely split with most of them roaring loudly for the two Commom Enemy members. Messiah gets up onto the apron and tries to reason with the two!!! He calls for the mic!

Listen up fellas! You might be able to just come up here and scare everyone else but you forget that now, you are in Messiahs ring and Im not gonna be scared by youre childish horse play. I mean a real man wouldnt use a chair, no. A REAL man fights with his fists, and well a GOD fights with his mind! So what do say guys, there is no way that you two could out think me, so why dont we just shake hands and Ill be on my way.

Roach throws the chair to the floor and looks at Shizo who shrugs his shoulders. Messiah extends his hand and Roach looks around! The crowd is shouting loudly at The Roach and Shizo in advice. Roach extends the hand to Messiah. They shake hands!!! But Roach pulls Messiah in, delivers the boot to the mid- section and drills him with THE INFESTATION!!!!!

Roachs music hits and both Roach and Shizo leave the ring signalling that they will be the FIRST PWSF Tag Team Champs!

JR: Oh my god King! Look at the damage in the ring King! All four of these men are down! Whos going to the PPV? Oh My God King!

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back to RAW tonight and what a night so far its has been.

King: It certainly has been a good night but tonight will get better as we all know Ryan Clark will be gracing us with his presence later this evening.

JR: He will King and I think that he will bring nothing but bad news to us.

Here Comes the Money fake notes fly from the roof into the crowd.

King: This can only mean one thing Hurr1cane is here.

JR: Yes he is Hurr1cane scheduled to go one on one with Ragin Lita here tonight.

Hurr1cane makes his way into the ring and salutes the crowd who give him a neutral response back.

Control by Puddle of Mud hits and pyros explode as Ragin Lita comes out to a huge ovation here tonight.

Ragin Lita wastes no time getting into the ring and this one is underway. RL with a drop toe hold to Hurr1cane followed up by a leg drop.

Cover 1..2.kickout from Hurr1cane.

Both wrestlers are now back on their feet and exchange blows with one another. Irish whip by Hurr1cane, RL comes off the ropes and Hurr1can hits her with a big time facebuster that sends her over the top rope to the outside.

JR: Oh my God king what power was put into that facebuster.

King: Oh no JR I dont like the look of this.

Hurr1cane runs off the ropes before sucide diving over the ropes and hits a groggy looking RL. Timmy White initiates the count.

Hurr1cane throws RL into the steel steps before picking her up and smashing her face into the ring post.

JR: Come on get back in the ring.

Timmy White is now at 7 and Hurr1cane roles into and back out of the ring. Low Blow to Hurr1cane. RL looks as if she has been busted open.

Bulldog to Hurr1cane onto the steps and then Lita gets back into the ring and poses for the crowd. Hurr1cane crawls back in a sweeps Lita of her feet. He then proceeds to stick Lita into an armbar submission.

JR: This is got to be it over.

King: Tap out before he breaks your bloody arm.

Lita looks in awful pain and the blood in pissing out of her forehead as well but she manages to get close enough to the ropes to grab onto them. Hurr1cane picks her up and throws her into the ropes and he ducks down looking for a back body drop but Lita sunset flips him 1..2..reversal by Hurr1cane 1..2..Lita turns Hurr1cane into the inside cradle 1..2..kickout.

JR: A long 2 count there from the referee.

King: Shut up JR did you see the view we had on those puppies.

Suplex by Lita and then a senton flip. Picks up Hurr1cane and hits him with a big time Bulldog and goes up top for the Ragin Drop.

JR: Wait a minute King whose this coming?

King: Haha Mock is here to save the day!

Mock throws Lita off the turnbuckle and then throws a steel chair into the ring before distracting the ref. Hurr1cane picks up the steel chair and clobbers an already blooded and battered Lita around the head. Throws the steel chair out of the ring before making the cover 123.

JR: What a no good piece of trash.

King: What happened I seen nothing wrong with that.

Mock goes into the ring and beats on Lita as does Hurr1cane but wait who is this coming down its its Xtreme. Mock gets scared and runs off through the crowd with Xtreme in hot pursuit. Referees come down and Hurr1cane goes backstage as the EMTs come down to give some assistance to the battered Lita.

Commercial Break

JR: Well folks, were just a few moments away from arguably the biggest match ever in PWSF history! Thats right folks, Damage Inc. against Common Enemy!

King: You know Ive gotta agree with you on this one JR! Ive been waiting for this one for a long time, even though Cristinas not gonna be down here!

The whole arena goes black as the camera spins looking directly at the entrance ramp. 2002 flashes on the Octatron and a countdown begins. LIFE IN THE FAST LANE the start of Livin It Up by Limp Bizkit blares throughout the arena as huge pyrotechnics explode on both sides of the entrance ramp. The crowd goes wild as The Roach, Matt Lowry and the World Champion Takers Bandana appear on the entrance ramp! As they get in the ring, more red pyrotechnics fire all the way down the entrance ramp and then 4 one each of the ring posts shoots up into the air!

Roach goes to the side of the ring and grabs a mic.
The music fades out and the lights fade up.

Roach: Yo, Yo. Listen up Atlanta! (The crowd go wild!) Now I know that all of you saw what me and my boy Shizo did tonight! And thats exactly what were gonna do this weekend at FEAR. Thats right, this Sunday, 3 teams, 6 men, 2 beltsAnd we will show no mercy! Cos the PPV is gonna be our PPV. The Common Enemy PPV, yeah, thats right! Me and Shizo are gonna kick some a$$, Matts gonna whip Tiggers a$$ and get his girl and my boy Takers B is gonna wipe the floor, with whoever he fights! But thats enough from me, now you gonna hear from my main man Matt!

Roach hands the mic to Matt and the crowd roars with excitement!

Matt: Thanks Roach! And Hes right! This PPV is gonna be a Common Enemy PPV. We are gonna ROCK! You see Togger, it didnt bother me that you tried to prove yourself by attacking me, it didnt really affect me when you talked trash about me down the mic in my home town in front of my parents. But you didnt just stop there, no. You kidknapped Cristina Togger. And by doin that, you stepped over the line and earned yourself a first class ass kicking at the hands of myself at the PPV. Thats right. Im gonna destroy you at the PPV. But then again, why wait till the PPV. Im gonna kick youre ass right now!

Matt throws the mic to the outside and all three men stand in the ring awaiting Damage Inc.

Suddenly, the lights go down and The Wait by Metallica blasts out of the sound system. The lights go up and Damage Inc appears on the ramp. Chillpro, Stomp and Togger all stand under the Octivetron laughing like hyenas. The music goes down and Damage Inc. starts walking toward the ring. They hesitate before entering the ring. They decide to stay on the outside for a while and mock Common Enemy!

King: HAHA! Those guys are great JR, theyre cracking me up!!! Look at those fools in the ring there! How pathetic! They should just give up now! Hey!! What the hell!!! Hes a psycho!

Matt Lowry cant take it anymore and flips over the top rope landing on Damage Inc. Roach and TB who follow him to the outside and the fight is on!!! TB goes straight for Stomp, Matt goes straight for Togger and Roach goes to the PWSF Commissioner. TB drives Stomps head into the crowd rail, Matt throws Togger into the ring and they are followed by Stomp who is thrown into the ring by TB. The Common Enemy members both throw their opponents into the opposite turnbuckles. TB throws Stomp into his teammate Togger, who is still in the corner, and follows them in with a huge clothesline followed up by a corner dropkick from Lowry!!! Tb goes back and joins The Roach in their corner while Stomp joins Chillpro.

JR: What a move there from Matt Lowry! Huge elevation on that one. Remember this one is an elimination match, where the last man in wins it!

King: Oh yeah! Like they dont know that already!

JR: I as talking to you King!

King: What?! Im not even gonna argue, Im not in the mood, these guys are cheating their way through this one!

JR: Whatever you say King!

Matt Lowry fires Togger into the corner with huge momentum forcing him to bounce of the turnbuckle. Matt meets him with a boot to the mid section and a big bulldog! He goes for the early pin: 1-2-Kick out after 2! He sends him into the ropes and connects with a spinning elbow sending Togger to the floor. He mounts Togger and starts pounding the living hell out of him screaming in his face! As the ref pulls Matt off, he hears the crowd chanting: LOWRY! LOWRY! LOWRY!
He makes the tag to Roach who comes in and locks Togger in a headlock.

JR: These two guys have quite a history! Rivals, Tag-Team partners and now this!

He swings Togger into the Damage corner and runs in connecting with the shoulder drive! But Roach didnt see Togger make the blind tag to Stomp. Stomp climbs to the top rope as Roach swings Togger into the ropes, he ducks prematurely and Togger catches him with a boot to the face. Stomp flies off the top rope and connects on Roach with the huge SPEAR! He goes for the pin but Roach kicks out after the long 2 count. Stomp works away on Roach with blows to the head followed by a huge head-butt sending Roach to the floor. He stomps away at Roach and drives the elbow into the big guys heart! Stomp picks up Roach and picks him up suplex style and drops him on the top rope. Togger calls for the tag back in. Togger goes straight to Roachs head with knee drops and hits a huge piledriver for the cover.

King: 1-2-3! Yeah!
JR: No King, just the two count!
King: What! Cant this ref count to 3?!

Togger thinks he got the pin and goes over to the C.E. corner to brag! But Roach gets to his feet and stares down Togger. Togger continues to brag, unaware of the situation! He turns around and is met by a boot to the mid section and

Toggers outta here!

Togger lies dazed on the mat and is kicked to the outside by Roach! But Roach has no time to rest and is attacked Chillpro who delivers knees to the gut and a big clothesline to the outside. He follows him and drives his head into the stairs. He rolls him back in the ring so his chest is still extended on the outside and drives his elbow into the upper body of the C.E. member! Roach falls onto the outside onto his back and lies motionlessly on the concrete. Chillpro climbs back into the ring and pushes the ref into the corner. Roach struggles to his feet but suddenly, out of the crowd with a chair in hand, comes Messiah and Mock!!! They nail Roach with a HUGH CONCHAIRTO!!!!!

King: Wow! Did u see that, hell, did u hear that!

JR: Those b*stards!! My God!!! He might be dead!

King: Where did you think the other Damage members were! Ingenious!

Mock rolls Roach back into the ring before making a quick exit before the rest of Common Enemy help Roach! Chillpro throws himself onto Roach and the count starts:

King: And Roach is eliminated!!!!!!!
JR: Yes he is king! Its 2 on 2 now!

Matt goes into the ring and both men exchange blows to the heads. Chillpro wins the exchange and swings Matt into the corner. He goes to the top rope and goes for the 10 punches, but after 5 Matt lifts Chillpro up and slams his back into the floor with a deafening thud. He swings Chillpro into the ropes and continues to build the momentum with a spinning heel kick to the face and then a snap leg drop. He signals for the finish and goes to the top rope! The crowd inside the arena go mental! He prepares to leap off the top rope but suddenly the titan-tron shows footage of the parking lot!

Hey Matt! says a voice Missing something?

The camera swings around to show a picture of Cristina, gagged and tied up in the back of a limo! The camera zooms out and we see Togger sitting in the front seat laughing.
You want her back Matt? Well come and get her!

Matt looks on in shock, as does everyone else with the exception of Damage Inc. who are laughing in their corner.

Matt leaps off the turnbuckle and onto the concrete floor, rolling in pain for a second as he hit the floor. He gets up and sprints back stage! But as he does this, we see footage of the limo driving off with Togger laughing!!!

JR: Oh my God King what a dirty trick!

The ref starts the count: 1234567NO 8NOO 9 NOOOO 10!!!!!!!
Matt is eliminated!!!!

King: Just one to go JR
JR: True, but this one is the PWSF CHAMPION!!!

TB gets into the ring and hammers Chillpro with a devastating clothesline, but Stomp comes in and sends an elbow into the head of TB. Chillpro delivers the suplex to TB. He goes for the cover: 1-2-Kick out after 2!!! Chillpro grabs the head of TB and drives his head into the mat with an enormous bulldog. Chillpro signals for THE ICE PICK!!! But as he hooks his neck, TB rolls him up! 1-2-3!!! Thats it!!! Just one on 1 now!!!

JR: It looks like were gonna get a sneak peek at whats gonna happen this Sunday! NoWait!!! Stomp has a chair!!! Hes going after TB with it!!! YES!!! TB DUCKED IT AND YES!!!! THE VAN-BANDANATOR!!!! HES GOING TO THE TOP ROPE!!! I THINK HES GONNA FINISH IT!!! YES!!! 1
King: NO
JR: 2
JR: 3!!!!!!!

TB wins it for C.E.!!!! But as he gets to his feet, the whole of Damage Inc appear on the entrance ramp (except for Togger). They edge towards the ring!!! TB looks on in fear!!!
But from the crowdCommon Enemy appear and stand side by side with TB!!! They all stare each other down!!! Both Factions are within 20 metres within each other!!! They stare each other down before C.E run them backstage.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back here to RAW we are still waiting for the arrival of Ryan Clark but lets show you what happened before the break. (highlights of the match are shown).

King: I cant wait I wonder why he is here tonight?

The Wait by Meticila (crowd start chanting Jackass) hits and once more tonight Chillpro makes his way to the ring.

Chillpro: Now I know Im not the person you expected to see but Im here to introduce the man that will step into this very ring and give us all a recap on PWSF here he is the one the devious Ryan Clark.

Ryan Clark comes out to No Chance
(Crowd doesnt know how to react to Ryan as he makes his way into the ring).

RC: Now I know that even though I am not around in the Fed a lot because Ive got lots of other duties here at Prowrestling Scoops. (cheers from the crowd) But now that Ive got a strong group of people here to give you all the latest headlines etc Im warning everyone that the mood is about to change!!!

You see Im the owner around here and at the minute I dont like things in here one bit. There are a group of people in here going by the name of COMMON ENEMY (crowd go wild and start chanting each of the members of Common Enemies names) and these bunch of how can I put it.BastarDs are trying to destroy this FED (crowd start booing RC and start shouting ASSHOLE). Now these bunch of morons are doing themselves no good by messing with Damage Inc. and myself (hissing from crowd) I mean look at what has happened to them in such a short period of time role the footage. (a montage of clips are shown from TB retaining his belt with the help of Shizo and co which led to the formation of Common Enemy to SD where Christina Lacuts was kidnapped and Shadow was abducted as well) You see thats what Damage Inc. is all about we see the problem surrounding us and we DESTROY it.

Now this Sunday at FEAR we have a bit of a problem and Chillpro and me have been thinking bout this one all night. You see there is a slight problem tonight in the Tag Team Tournament there was no winner thanks to the interference of Common Enemy so that leaves us with 3 teams for this Sundays match so we were thinking bout what to do and the only logical thing we could do was make a.TABLES LADDERS AND CHAIRS MATCH for the Tag Team Titles this Sunday at FEAR. (crowd start chanting Holy Shit, Holy Shit)

King: Did you hear that TLC!!

JR: I did King.

Now also..Smooth Criminal hits and the crowd goes nuts as TB and Common Enemy appear on the ramp.

King: What the hell do they want? Theyve got no business coming out here.

JR: Well we are about to find out.

TB: TAKERS BANDANA IN THE HOUUUUSSSSSSEEEE!! Woah hold on a second you want to make a TLC match for the tag team titles for FEAR thats fine with us but there is just a small matter that we need to clear up and thats to do with ME. You see I still havent got an opponent for this Sunday.

RC: Oh havent you been told its going to be you going one on one with Stomp with specialGUEST REFEREE Chillpro whose the ref?

King: Who is it going to be??

JR: I dont like the sound of this.

Chillpro: The referee is going to be the one the only RYAN CLARK!!!

King: Haha Taker kiss goodbye to your title.

JR: I knew there had to be something funny about that.

RC: You see Takers bandana every match you have fought in this fed has been a cheap victory and truth be told the only reason you are still in this company is because the fans want to see you and it would be bad business to fire you so Ive decided that I am going to destroy you!!!!!

TB: Well you see its like this I may have picked up some cheap victories but none are as cheap as the decision you just made. So you think that by making yourself the ref will make Stomp win eheh. I will stop at nothing to keep my belt on Sunday may that mean kicking the you a$$ as well then so be it.

RC: You seem very confident but I havent finished yet I am going to be the guest referee but its also going to be a NO DQ ANYWHERE FALLS!! You see at the PPV Damage Inc. is going to rid PWSF of Common Enemy and all of its members.

JR: What has happened to this man?

King: Ryan Clark has seen the light and on Sunday we will see a New World Champion.

TB: Anything goes that suits me fine anywhere falls seems to me that youve made a decision you will reget. (Common Enemy make their way towards the ring)

RC: You want another piece of us well then lets go.

As ML, TB Shizo and Roach make their way into the ring Stomp, Togger, Messiah and Mock attack them from behind . The four members of CE are lying in the ring being mauled by Damage Inc. superkick from Stomp to TB. Messiah and Mock bring some tables in to the ring and put Shizo and Roach on each. Mock goes up top Lunar Eclipse on Shizo through the table.

JR: What a no good set up by Damage Inc.

King: You mess with fire and you get burnt.

Roach fights back and start punching away tries to whip Messiah into the ropes but Messiah reverses it and whips Roach into the ropes.3D through the table by Mock and Messiah on Roach.

JR: For the love of God someone get out here and stop this carnage!!!

ML beats away on Togger only for RC to hit him with a steel chair and then Togger beats in ML with the steel chair that RC gives him.

All members of Common Enemy lie beaten in the ring with Damage Inc. standing tall.


JR: Is this a preview of things to come at FEAR??

King: Haha Common Enemy got what they had coming to them tonight.

JR:Whats this who is it? ITS SHADOW!!!! He looks really beaten down!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!! Whered he come from?????? We havent seen him in over a week since he was kidnapped!!!!

Both Factions look on in amazement as Shadow crouches on the floor. He springs to his feet and the lights go out!!! OH MY GOD!! The lights return but Shadow is nowhere to be seen!!!! What the hell!!!! Both Factions look on bewildered.


Show Ends!!!

- Roach
- Takers Bandana



PWSF RAW is not a real show and is not televised. All logos courtesy of WWF.COM